Sustainable music and responsive furniture

Welcome, you’re here! and if you wnat, you can relax and take off your shoes.

This is a place where things happen slowly, and nature imposes its own pace in a sustainable way. If you want to become aware of what DEPALET makes, it will not be possible if you don’t spend a little time to make it. In addition, we dedicate it to write these lines too, so don’t make us an ugly…

We’re working hard to make sustainable our environtment, we work to prolong the sustainable use of wood. This would be a good summary. We make instruments with it, it seems logic, but when we say you that we only use reclaimed pallets wood to make them, it seems a little more interesting, don’t you think so?

Where some people see wood, we see the skeleton of a living being that we should respect more. Those are the remains were of a lifetime, sometimes a long life, a life dedicated to provide us with clean air, a life dedicated to shelter other lives, and ultimately, a life that could never escape when you heard the chainsaws.

If we extended the best use of these remains, we will be paying tribute and showing our respect for one living being that once gave us so much and asked so little.

If you read this introduction is possible that the rest of the workshop find it interesting.


  Handmade guitars

Pallet furniture