Reclaimed wood instruments

Reclaimed wood furniture 

Wellcome to DEPALET sustainable music and reclaimed wood furniture.

“El Paleto”Trabando-en-el-taller-Working-on-worshop

Let me introduce myself: My name is Jose Alejo and I am a fan of wood, good sound, things well and sustainable world. After years working in the furniture industry I studied Technician in Plastic Arts and Industrial Design at EMAD La Garriga, after that, I worked with some companies in the furniture sector, product design, such as the bedroom “Ones” to Mobles Ebano or the furnishing of Antonio Miró. It was after working as a draftsman designer, I decided to merge my knowledge and passion for music to create DEPALET. Step by step, with hard work and dedication, this project has taken shape, and thus begins a long way to go. I hope we can get together this way.

“When we stop thinking of ourselves, everything becomes much easier :)

See you soon!

How work DEPALET?

Hemos intentado ilustrar todo el proceso de creación de nuestros instrumentos. Desde el primer paso, que es evidentemente desmontar aquellos palets que nosotros reciclamos, hasta la prueba final de sonido del instrumento. Por el camino podréis ver imágenes sobre diferentes procesos de construcción, que nosotros hemos tenido de adaptar al formato de la madera con la que trabajamos, haciendo más complejo el proceso de construcción, pero a su vez más enriquecedor y apasionado.

EURO pallet, please NO…

There are different sized pallets in the standard blades for European, this have been made or well in another continent, or to carry some merchandise specially well. These pallets manufacturer eleven have made the transport of the client will be rejected, barbed not comply with the standard dimensions required for transport, squandering this action as well.

If its better reuse EUR pallets in the construction of “fashion” furniture that the throw fire, we considered that it would be best choice that will cost more than those all use of leverage. When a pale EUR buy new or used, and we place a few will you roll to a table, two things happen. Is that at first time we dedicate to creating an object that resolves some needs, which it is magnificent because additionally develop certain skills that invite us to investigate the “DIY” Do it yourself, from which activity DEPALET promote. The second is not so great, because we relocating the pallet, to object has-been created for development and development specific function for another use it differently. Here is the grace of recycling, but as I rather, we relocating the pallet, the new pallet that smell yet clear resin You will need to be replaced by another for the transport logistics park not bear with its absence. To do will he be felled in a tree, will he be transported to the sawmill tree that, you spend energy in cut the tree, that will transport it to a company producing wood blades EUR, and there is new energy to spend on the construction of the pallet, for the purpose replacement.

DEPALET’s workshop only use incoming wood to NO EUR pallets. The wood we transform in instruments and furniture comes from pallets that are not meeting european transport standards, being more complicated and expensive reintegration into the industry, and therefore not for us, this wood would be destined to fire. We will not deny that by “controlled burn” of such waste, energy for domestic and industrial use is achieved, but also pollute gets a little more.

From DEPALET propose that pales of these features are used, not even pales to serve for transportation, EUR rate. We believe it is the only real way to tap this resource, wood. We understand that for the construction of certain furniture, it is easier to use a standard pallet, it is undeniable that facilitates the design and manufacture. But in order to do honor to the ECO, FREE, GREEN, SAVE, RECYCLED… Tags consider it appropriate to propose that, like us, investigate the use of pales who are really destined to disappear, for recycling and reuse if they will be a commercial activity for which worthwhile work.